Terms & Conditions

DRS Screening Website: Terms and Conditions of use

April 2016


The System Any files or data accessed via the url https://drscreening.co.uk You The person logged on to the system

By logging onto the system, you are consenting to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Should you not agree to these terms, you should NOT logon to the system.

1. General use of the system and your account

1.1.  You agree to use the system only for lawful purposes, and for the purpose it is intended.

1.2.  You agree to make no attempts to circumvent or contravene these terms.

1.4. You agree to ensure your email address recorded on the system is valid and current.

2. Use of data and general content

2.1. Information and content may only be downloaded from the system for your learning on this course

Use of Images

Use of the software

4.1. You may not make any copy of any part of the software, nor make any attempt to do so.

5. Miscellaneous

1.3. You agree to keep your username and password safe. Should you have any doubt that this privacy has been compromised, you must change your password immediately. You are advised to change your password periodically for security reasons.

1.5. Once logged onto the system, you agree to not leave the system unattended. Should you need to leave the system, you are required to log off.

1.6. All activity carried out under your login details is your responsibility, whether this activity is performed by you or others, either intentionally or unintentionally.

1.7. You are responsible for the confidentiality of all system information you display on your computer screen when logged onto the system. You should take care with regard to others overseeing your screen.

2.2. Once information has been printed or exported from the system, responsibility for its confidentiality lies with you.

3.1. You may not copy, reproduce, print or download any of the images from the system for any purpose. Any images previously downloaded, copied, printed or reproduced, either deliberately or by accident must be permanently deleted from storage before continuing.

5.1. If, at any point during use of the system, you are presented with any data or information that you know you do not have authority to view, or you become aware that you are logged in under any account other than your own, you are required to log off immediately and report the incident to


For further information, clarification or assistance, please contact ghn-tr.drsadministrator@nhs.net